エビス フィルムス

北海道での深雪滑走シーンのみで構成した短編「deep/shinsetsu」やグリーンランド西海岸でのシーカヤック・スキー遠征を描いた「presence: 40 days in Greenland」はBanff Mountain Film Festival、Mountainfilm in Tellurideをはじめとする数々の山岳映画祭で入選、入賞。

ebis films

Since 2001, ebis films had been creating film work focusing on backcountry skiing and snowboarding, as well as alpine climbing and sea kayaking, by accompanying the performing athletes to their destinations such as Alaska, Kamchatskaya, Kuril Islands, Greenland and the Northern part of Norway.
The short film “deep/shinsetsu”, which is compiled only from deep-powder skiing in Hokkaido, and “presence: 40 days in Greenland”, featuring skiing and sea kayaking in an expedition to the Western coast of Greenland, have been nominees and award-winners in numerous mountain film festivals, including Banff Mountain Film Festival and Mountainfilm in Telluride.